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Complete Services and Servicing by AGROMETALL s.r.o.

Machine rental:

We propose a rent of municipal or agricultural technology.
Do not hesitate to cantact us for more informations.


Sweeper KM-T 2300 UZ – manufacturer Agrometall s.r.o.

Sweeper KM-T 2300 UZ. Machine carried on the tractor’s 3-point hitch, the hanger allows transversal copying. The sweeper is equipped with sweeping brush diameter 530 mm, trash tray with hydraulic tilting and eventually with sprinkling.

Sweeper SW-T 2800 UZ – manufacturer Agrometall s.r.o.

Sweeper SW-T Grand 2800. Machine carried on the tractor’s 3-point hitch, the hanger allows transversal copying. The sweeper is equipped with sweeping brush diameter 700 mm, trash tray with hydraulic tilting and eventually with sprinkling. 


John Deere 8110 – suitable for field work or agricultural transport.

Equipment: 3 hydraulic circuits, hitch Scharmuller, air brakes, front hydraulic.

Engine: 6-cylinders turbocharged 8.1 L with maximal power 215 PS

Gearbox: Automatic Power-Shift with APS function - automatic speed selection, full-powershift without clutch, 16 forward and 5 reverse speeds. Maximal driving speed 40 km/h

Hydraulic system: Axial piston pump, 3 hydraulic circuits

Surface crusher

MULCHER MZ 4500 – manufacturer BEDNAR

The crushers BEDNAR MZ are three rotor crushers of plant residues with robust design, ready for extreme seasonal performance.They fulfil all requests linked with treatment of permanent grasslands, non graze parts, but also of plant residues on fertile grounds, including corn for seed. The machine treats very well also with raid of young trees. The basic premise, not only of high performance, but also of exceptional cutting ability, are allways two pairs of forged knifes on each rotor. The crusher knifes are placed in “cross” position.

The knifes are spade stuck out on the extremity to ensure ventilation effect and thanks to it the retort of run over vegetation.
The outlet cardan shaft is equipped by overrunning clutch for smooth completion of rotor stop.


Slope crusher

MU-H/S-160 - manufacturer MUTHING

  • Type MU-H/S-160.
  • Manufacturer: Muthing.
  • Versatile crusher.
  • Machine working width 1.60 m.
  • Instrument carried in tractor 3-point hitch.
  • Tilt possibility within + 90° to − 65° from the horizontal position.
  • PTO drive 540 rpm by Cardan shaft.
  • 4 belts drive.


We propose to secure the technology financing by credit, by support PGRLF, by leasing or by hire purchase.
We will advice and help you when buying an agricultural and municipal technology, and we will ensure:

  • Suitable financing,
  • financial leasing,
  • operative leasing,
  • credit with PGRLF support,
  • hire purchase,
  • machine rental.

More details after telephonic or written agreement with our business department.

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