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Front hitch serve for connection of working machines, for example sweepers, ploughs, snow blowers, cutters, reapers, etc. Coupling and decoupling are quick and very simple, as well as the proper adjustment with the third point. The front 3-point hitch is bolted to mini tractor frame. Within defined compact dimensions it gives to the arms maximal stroke range. 

Its power is exploited always where there it is needed. In daily use throughout the year you will appreciate wide offer of options. 

The 3-point hitch design is simple and very robust and thanks to it withstands even the toughest loads you can imagine.

  • Strong,
  • dependable, long-lasting,
  • for professional use,
  • simple maintenance.

Technical parameters

Commercial labellingCH MIT1
Hitch class0, 1N, A
Lifting performance2 kN
A Width (mm)265
A1 Width (mm)435
B Length (mm)540
B1 Length (mm)390
C Height (mm)535
C1 Height (mm)235
C2 Height (mm)100
C3 Height (mm)480
Weight (kg)28
Quick lock hooks·
PTO weight [kg]-

Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of CH-MIT1 hitch

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