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Chassis NRB

The NRB type carrier is intended for trailer spreaders of chemical fertilizers. We produce the spreader carrier in working widths 1.5, 1.8 and 2.25 m. Maximum allowable axle load is 5000 kg and the total weight is 5800 kg. The spreader carrier is intended exclusively to be operate with chemical fertilizers spreaders with 3-point hitches class 2.

Spreader carrier is in standard version equipped with wheels  15.0/55-17 147A6, inflation pressure 0.28 MPa 13x17, for a fee it can be equipped with pneumatics  12.5/80-18 145A8, inflation pressure 0.32 MPa 11x18 or 500/50-17 155A8, inflation pressure 0.35 Mpa 16x17. The axle of the NRB type carrier of chemical fertilizers spreader is equipped with one hose braking system.  It can be paint to the spreader colour like an option. The carrier is equipped by depth foot to assure its stability if being parked. 

Technical parameters

TypeNRB 1,8NRB 2,25
Commercial labellingNRB 1,8NRB 2,25
A Width (mm)23302780
A1 Width (mm)18002250
B Length (mm)31903190
B1 Length (mm)25902590
C Height (mm)12651265
C1 Height (mm)650-960650-960
Working weight (kg)750775
Maximal load capacity (kg)51755160
Maximal allowable axle weight (axle load) (kg)50005000
Maximal allowable total weight (kg)58005800
Maximal allowable weight for drawbar eye (vertical drawbar load) (kg)14001400
Transport speed (km/h)2020
Pneumatics and rims - basic15.0/55-17 147A6, inflation pressure 0.28 MPa15.0/55-17 147A6, inflation pressure 0.28 MPa
Pneumatics and rims - option12.5/80-18 145A8, inflation pressure 0.32 MPa12.5/80-18 145A8, inflation pressure 0.32 MPa
Pneumatics and rims - option500/50-17 155A8, inflation pressure 0.35 MPa500/50-17 155A8, inflation pressure 0.35 MPa
Brake system··

Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of NRB type chassis

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