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Spring-loaded plough OR-M

Spring-loaded, hydraulic shooting plough is intended for front mounted operation on mini tractors and municipal machines.
Rubber blade and spring locking assure ideal follow of road profile and excellent snow removing.
Hydraulic system equipped by two hydraulic cylinders is ideal for force balance in case of either left hand or right hand plough loading.

Spring-loaded plough is a quality and fast help for hard work. The plough has a robust experienced design with minimum needs for maintenance.

Its change settings doesn’t have excessive working and time demands. 
In standard configuration there are hydraulic shooting, spring-loaded and it is equipped with steel blade.

It is possible to deliver wide range of accessory:

  • Blade from rubber, hardox or vulkolan
  • Blocking of suspension
  • Position lighting and depth wheels
  • Mechanic plough shooting
  • The second pair of springs

The rubber blade does not damage the treated surface. The plough is equipped by depth foot to assure its stability if being parked.

Technical parameters of 1100, 1500 and 1500 versions

Commercial labellingOR M 1100OR M 1300OR M 1500
A Plough width (mm)110013001500
A1 Plough width (mm)98011601335
A2 Plough width (mm)110012751455
B Length (mm)100010001000
B1 Length (mm)97010201070
C Height (mm)920920920
C1 Height (mm)620620620
Weight (kg)200215225
Shooting angle± 30°± 30°± 30°
Blade from steel···
Blade from hardox···
Blade from rubber···
Blade from vulkolan···
Blade angle45°45°45°
Number of blade segments111
Hydraulic flow (Lpm)min. 20min. 20min. 20
Hydraulic pressure (MPa)max. 16max. 16max. 16
Need of hydr. circuit111
Carrier power requested (kW)Up to 40Up to 40Up to 40

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