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Sweepers KM-M

Carried sweepers for mini tractors and municipal machines serve for sweeping of yards, roads, factory halls, parking places and other grounds throughout the year.  They are intended for all who care about the environment in which they move.

The PTO drive can be set to 540 rpm or 1000 rpm. The sweepers driven by hydraulic motor need the oil flow minimally 20 Lpm under the pressure of 16 MPa in the hydraulic system of mini tractor.

We produce the sweepers adapted for mini tractors, labelled KM-M, in two versions:

  • Sweepers driven by Cardan shaft
  • Sweepers driven by hydraulic motor

Both variants are produced in working width 1250, 1550 and 1850 mm.

The sweeper design is simple, robust and modular. The operation possibility and performance depend only on selected carrier. The sweepers for mini tractor can be used either front or rear mounted. This mode of hinge change is especially advantageous for mini tractors with rotary steering.  

The front or rear mounted use ought to be evaluated also from the axle and arm load point of view. Mostly like front mounted the sweeper is used in winter time for snow removal and rear mounted with tray and side brush in summer. Water tank for sprinkling couples then to the front arms.

If the collecting tray is used, the sweeper is perpendicular to the driving direction. Two depth wheels, height adjustable, serving for the down force set of the brush to the ground, are in standard equipment. They allow also to follow the road profile independently of mini tractor. The mini tractor sweepers have like standard equipment mechanical turning ± 20°, linkage class 1N, versatile PPN brushes with diameter 530 mm. Like an option it is possible to order winter PPN brushes, brushes with slices or both types with a combination of PPN and steel. It is possible to equip the sweepers for mini tractors with large range of accessory: collecting tray, hydraulic tilt of the tray, snow scraper, hydraulic turn of the sweeper, side sweeping brush, sprinkling, bantam depth wheels or Solid wheels, front position lighting, rear lighting or adjustable store against the impurities projection if the sweeper is operated without tray.

  • Maximum working speed is 10 km/h
  • Maximum transport speed is 15 km/h
  • Maximum slope operability is 8°.

The sweeper is equipped by depth foot to assure its stability if being parked.

Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of KM-M sweepers

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