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Swept plough SR-T

The swept plough SR-T is intended for removing the fresh fallen snow or snowdrifts. The front mounted hanging on 3-point hitch or on clamping plate assure excellent exploitation of all tractor and plough skills. The best application will be in snow removing in cities, on crossroads and on surfaces where the combination of swept and side snow plough is necessary. 

The plough is composed from fix spike and hydraulically controlled wings which are based in the folded position on the stops on the hitch and thereby guarantee stability of the plough. The blade angle is set with objective to throw maximum of snow in any working speed. Its connection to operating machine is quick and easy.

The plough has a robust experienced design with minimum needs for maintenance. Its change settings doesn’t have excessive working and time demands. It is a quality and fast help for hard work. The swept plough SR-T for tractor is equipped by hitch class 2.

  • Maximal tractor power is 150 kW
  • Maximum working speed is 20 km/h.
  • Maximum transport speed is 40 km/h.

The plough can operate in five positions:

  • Arrow
  • Right side
  • Left side
  • "T" 
  • "V"

The angle modification is provided using two hydraulic cylinders, controlled by two hydraulic circuits. It is possible to control each wing separately. Blade from hardox is in basic equipment.

It is possible to deliver wide range of accessory:

  • Blade from rubber,
  • Connection to 1 hydraulic circuit with electric control
  • Sliding
  • Side impact protection
  • Position lighting
  • Depth wheels 4.00-8
  • Clamping plate DIN

Technical parameters

Commercial labellingSR T 2500SR T 3000
A Plough width (mm)25003000
A1 Plough width (mm)35254245
A2 Plough width (mm)25453075
A3 Plough width (mm)25503070
B Length (mm)12301230
C Height (mm)13201480
C1 Height (mm)945945
Weight (kg)11701260
Shooting angle± 45°± 45°
Blade from steel
Blade from hardox··
Blade from rubber··
Blade from vulkolan
Blade angle60°60°
Protection systemHYDR. SEC.HYDR. SEC.
Number of blade segments44
Hydraulic flow (Lpm)min. 20min. 20
Hydraulic pressure (MPa)max. 20max. 20
Need of hydr. circuit22
Carrier power requested (kW)Up to 110Up to 110

Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of SR-T plough

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