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Rear mounted hydraulic shooting plough ZRH-T

Rear mounted carried hydraulic shooting snow plough ZRH-T is a quality and fast help for hard work. The plough has a robust experienced design with minimum needs for maintenance. Hydraulic system equipped by two hydraulic cylinders is ideal for force balance in case of either left hand or right hand plough loading.

Large radius plough spin prevent the snow overfall above the plough and allows to use the weight of the removing snow for tractor rear axle loading.
Its connection to operating machine is easy.
The rear plough ZRH-T is equipped by hitch class 2. It has in standard equipment a steel blade and depth foot to assure its stability if being parked.
  • Maximal power of the towing machine is 60 kW. 
  • Maximum working speed is 15 km/h.
  • Maximum transport speed is 40 km/h.
  • Plough shooting ± 30°.

Like an option we can deliver:

Technical parameters

Commercial labellingZRH T 2200ZRH T 2400ZRH T 2600
A Plough width (mm)224024402640
A1 Plough width (mm)216523402510
A2 Plough width (mm)254027402940
B Length (mm)188519351980
B1 Length (mm)147514751475
C Height (mm)113011301130
C1 Height (mm)780780780
Weight (kg)480500520
Shooting angle± 30°± 30°± 30°
Blade from steel···
Blade from hardox···
Blade from rubber···
Blade from vulkolan
Blade angle000
Protection systemHYDR. SEC.HYDR. SEC.HYDR. SEC.
Number of blade segments111
Hydraulic flow (Lpm)min. 20min. 20min. 20
Hydraulic pressure (MPa)max. 20max. 20max. 20
Need of hydr. circuit111
Carrier power requested (kW)Up to 60Up to 60Up to 60

Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of ZRH-T plough

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