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Roller spreader VS

The roller spreader is intended for spreading the sidewalks and roads with inert material or salt. It is a carried machine with hitch class 1 or 2. The working part of the machine is dosage roller with cast segments, material feed in the hooper is assured by agitator. The drive of dosage roller and of the agitator is made by rotary hydraulic motor.

The machine is produced in three working widths:

  • 100 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 180 cm

The machine is produced with the basic hopper volume:

  • 150 L
  • 200 L
  • 270 L
It is possible to adjust the dosage: by modification of driving speed, down force of the cylinder, number of segments on the cylinder or by modification of the cylinder speed. The machine variants are either without or with loading frame.

With adapter it is possible to increase the volume on:

It is possible to deliver wide range of accessory:

  • Increase of hopper volume
  • Remote control from the cabin
  • Valve for switching of spreading / loading
  • Rear lighting
  • Self-loading frame manual dosage control
  • Digital control from the cabin
  • Protection cover
The gritter is equipped by depth foot to assure its stability if being parked.

Technical parameters

Commercial labellingVS 1000VS 1500VS 1800
A Gritter width (mm)120017002000
A1 Gritter width (mm)100015001800
B Length (mm)990990990
B1 Length (mm)780780780
C Height (mm)106010601060
C1 Height (mm)620620620
C2 Height (mm)500500500
Tank volume (m3)
Gritter weight (kg)255320365
Swap-body volume (m3)
Swap-body weight (kg)304050
Spreading mode - roller···
Spreading mode - disc spreader
Spreading width (mm)
Dosage - inert material (g/m2)30 − 26030 − 26030 − 260
Dosage - salt (g/m2)10 − 4010 − 4010 − 40
Filling weight of gritter - inert (kg)260385473
Filling weight of swap-body - inert (kg)210315385
Filling weight of gritter - salt (kg)300450600
Filling weight of swap-body - salt (kg)240360450
Gritter performance (m²/h) by dosage of inert (g/m²)105516101940
Swap-body performance (m²/h) by dosage of inert (g/m²)84512901550
Gritter performance (m²/h) by dosage of salt (g/m²)105516101940
Swap-body performance (m²/h) by dosage of salt (g/m²)84512901550
Spreading length of gritter (m)110011001100
Spreading length of swap-body (m)890890890
Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of VS gritter

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