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Sweepers ZK

Sweepers ZK

Only type of sweeper produced with brush diameter 400 or 530 mm. Mid-PTO and versatile hitch allows to mount the sweeper to the majority of mini tractors.

The sweeper is intended for sweeping of ordinary dirt on hard surfaces (like parking, road, yard) or to sweet the fresh fallen snow.

The sweeper with mid-gearbox is ideal to be used on pavement and in limited space.
Rubber covers of brush sides prevent the damages of building façade near sidewalk.

The hitch is 0 or 1N class, with quick lock or mower linkages.
Height adjustable link allows to mount it for the majority of tractors.

The sweepers can be delivered with PTO drive speed 1000 rpm, left hand rotation, or 2000 rpm, right hand rotation in driving direction (UZ version), or with hydraulic drive (UH version).

For free sweeper operation the flow of hydraulic pump min. 30 Lpm with pressure 16 MPa is needed. According to the conditions it is possible to equip the sweeper with brush PPN (summer and winter version) or PPN-steel. It is possible to modify the sweeping angle mechanically for ± 16°.

Like an option there is available sprinkling – 12V pump and tank 200 L, positional lighting, hydraulic shooting, collecting tray, side brush. Maximum slope operability is 8°.

Technical parameters of the ZK 5 type

Commercial labellingZK 5-1000 UHZK 5-1000 UZZK 5-1250 UHZK 5-1250 UZZK 5-1550 UHZK 5-1550 UZ
A Sweeper width (mm)100010001250125015001500
A1 Sweeper width (mm)120012001350135016001600
B Length (mm)107010701070107010701070
B1 Length (mm)140014001400140014001400
C Height (mm)640640640640640640
Weight (kg)110110120120130130
Brush diameter (mm)530530530530530530
Shooting angle± 16°± 16°± 16°± 16°± 16°± 16°
Sprinkling 12V / 200 L······
Sprinkling weight (kg)110110120120130130
Collecting tray······
Tray weight (kg)202030304040
Tray volume (L)60608080100100
DriveHydraulic motorCardan shaftHydraulic motorCardan shaftHydraulic motorCardan shaft
Hydraulic flow (Lpm)min. 30min. 30min. 30
Hydraulic pressure (MPa)max. 16max. 16max. 16
SpeedLeft hand - 1000Left hand - 1000Left hand - 1000
Rotation senseRight hand - 2000Right hand - 2000Right hand - 2000
Thickness of snow (mm)808080808080
Side sweeper brush······
Side brush diameter (mm)530530530530530530
Side brush weight (kg)555555
Carrier power requested (kW)Up to 25Up to 25Up to 25Up to 25Up to 25Up to 25
Agrometall s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the technical parameters and construction of mentioned products without notice.

Photo gallery of ZK sweepers

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